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Good morning, Marketers, TV and digital are converging

It was good to experience an in-person event in Manhattan last week. Attending Vevo’s IAB NewFronts session at the Hammerstein Ballroom, I came away with the message that what once seemed just an on-demand music video channel on YouTube is positioning itself as a major player in streaming TV.

Billing itself as the world’s largest free, ad-supported streaming TV service, Vevo executives emphasized that the particular corner of culture it represents — music — creates exceptional reach across generations and diverse populations. This is reflected in the huge range of Vevo streaming channels now available, some based around types of music — R&B, reggaeton, country — and some around decades — Vevo ‘70s, for example. 

It’s not just a YouTube thing either. The channels are available across many major streaming platforms, from Roku to Apple TV to Samsung TV Plus and Amazon Fire. Why do we care? Because this is another sign of the convergence of TV and digital — and with Vevo selling ads rather than subscriptions, it’s a marketing channel of notable significance. 

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Kim Davis
Editorial Director

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Joke of the day. “I was in a meeting today where the room number was 404. I joked that I could not find the room and nobody understood. This is why I have a hard time making friends.” Karthik Ragubathy, senior solutions architect, Amazon


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